Volunteer Event #1 Recap – March 31, 2018 @ Fred Thomas Park

Our first volunteer tree planting event was a success! The day started off great with a ‚Äčtutorial from the Forestry service on how to plant the trees and properly set the mulch around those trees to ensure healthy and happy growth! The volunteers got into groups and spread out throughout the park to plant trees along the walkways and hauled wheelbarrows of mulch all over the park.

We all took lunch together and enjoyed the food provided by The Pour House and then we got back to work. The volunteers finished out the day with clipping tags from all of the planted trees. We finished out the day by cleaning up and picking up trash around the park.

The best part of the event was seeing complete strangers coming together and working hard, all with smiles on their faces and not afraid to get their hands dirty!

One event down, three to go!

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