Let’s Change the World

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”Mahatma Gandhi

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The Inspired Volunteer

For those of you that are the true weekend warriors your place is in the mountains, planting trees with the same love and care you usually reserve for Taco Tuesday.

Get Dirty & Volunteer

Thank you to everyone that has signed up. Unfortunately we are now FULL for 2017 RMTF volunteers but be sure to get your ticket to the festival so you can support an awesome cause!

The Busy Philanthropist

We can't all make it out to the actual dig but that's okay! You can still make a massive difference in the effort to keep Colorado Colorful with a small donation.

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The Original Music Makers

If you can't make it to the dig you can still join in on the fun (and the good vibes). We've got some awesome local musicians that are going to be playing for the cause, don't miss it.

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What We Do

We strive to be make a positive impact in our communities by planting a tree for every single client we service. We hope that by giving back to Colorado we can encourage other businesses and residence to do the same. Find out how...

Why We Do It

We’re dedicated to keeping Colorado colorful but The Rocky Mountain Tree Festival began from small seeds. Our love for the environment has led us to this point and we’re so excited to share something very close to our hearts with you. Learn more here...

Meet Our Team

A lot of amazing, passionate people work really hard to make this idea a reality. Meet the team that has dedicated their time and focus to an amazing cause in order to keep Colorado rad. We're stoked to meet you...

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