Why We Do It

We absolutely love the Colorado lifestyle but it’s obvious that the huge influx of people to this amazing state has definitely taken a toll on the geography. That’s why, in 2015, we wanted to create a way for us to get together and do our part to ensure this beautiful landscape remains beautiful. It began with smaller volunteering opportunities within the Denver metro area but we always dreamt of doing more. We knew that in order to make an even bigger impact we would need to create an event that encompasses Colorado’s personality and thus the seed for The Rocky Mountain Tree Festival was planted.

Our mission is simple; work with local volunteers and companies to plant native trees and vegetation in areas desperately in need of reforestation. Thus maintaining the Colorado landscape and providing thriving habitats that will help promote animal populations and recreation industries.

We wanted to give people, who love Colorado just as much as we do, the opportunity to show that love and give back in a way that you can actually see the impact you’ve made. Not only do we hope to lend a hand in keeping Colorado colorful, we also hope to inspire our neighbors and businesses to invest in their communities so we all thrive.