Here’s what you can expect at the Rocky Mountain Tree Festival:

Frequently Asked Questions

After you arrive and are checked in, you will be assigned a team and captain for a variety of tasks, ranging from site preparation, digging the holes, planting trees/saplings/vegetation, mulching, and other general park beautification and improvement duties. Our goal is to align you with a task that you enjoy and suits your abilities and previous experiences!

We will work for approximately 2.5 hours until our lunch break, which will be provided by us.

After lunch, we will work for another 1-2 hours, finishing up our project. We ask all volunteers to help us clean up the work site upon completion before you head on out.

The volunteer orientation email will include the meeting areas for each event, which will be clearly marked and have staff and tents on-site.
All events have a check-in time of 9am and anticipated end-time of 2pm, with a lunch in between.
We ask that all volunteers stay for their entire shift, including the cleanup efforts after the tree planting, unless of course an emergency presents itself.
– work pants/jeans/sweatpants – NO SHORTS as we will be working on sites that may have tall/thorny weeds.
– tennis shoes or work boots – NO OPEN TOE SHOES OR SANDALS as this is a physical event that requires some labor and you will get dirty.
– outerwear – our events will go on regardless of the weather, so be prepared for rain or shine.

Highly Recommended (but optional):
– work gloves (if you have your own)
– hat to protect you from the sun
– water bottle
– sunscreen

We will provide lunch for all volunteers! The food will either be catered or from a local food truck. People with dietary restrictions will need to bring their own if they want to eat and we will provide coolers so they can store their food.

We will also provide so you can refill your water bottle so we highly recommend you bring a container or hydration backpack.

Each volunteer will receive one free ENTRY ticket/wristband for the Rocky Mountain Tree Festival on Aprils 21. Your free entry to the concert is our way of saying thank you for your volunteer effort. This ticket is NOT for resale and cannot be transferred in the event you cannot attend the concert.
The more help, the merrier. You can sign up family and friends when you sign up online.

If they are not interested or unable to volunteer, they are welcome to hang out at the worksite, but we require all persons who are working with us to sign a waiver and to come dressed appropriately for the event.

Only one ticket per volunteer is allowed, but you can sign up for any of our additional tree planting events and receive our eternal gratefulness.
Our eternal gratefulness and probably some high-fives.
We are selling tickets to the public for $20 plus service fees. You can visit our ticket page to buy yours today!
Each volunteer gets one ticket. We encourage your friends who don’t want to volunteer, but want to come to the concert, to buy their tickets early as we expect this event to sell out.
Of course. When signing up online, you can choose which event you would like to volunteer for. If that event is completely booked, please choose one of the other dates available.