The latest happenings at the Rocky Mountain Tree Festival

Volunteer Event #1 Recap – March 31, 2018 @ Fred Thomas Park

Volunteers at Fred Thomas Park

Our first volunteer tree planting event was a success! . . .
The best part of the event was seeing complete strangers coming together and working hard, all with smiles on their faces and not afraid to get their hands dirty!

One event down, three to go!

Volunteer Spotlight: Desmond Davis

Desmond Davis

Des is a returning Crew Leader for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Tree Festival and he is very excited for our events this year. He has an intense commitment for his community and an overwhelming love for Colorado that can be seen daily at Vivax Pros. . . .

Rocky Mountain Tree Festival 2017: Lyons, Colorado Restoration

Scott Fuller

In 2017, the Vivax CommunityFoundation had its sights set on Lyons, Colorado. After meeting with Wildland Restoration Volunteers and partnering with the CAN’D Aid Foundation, the Vivax Community Improvement Foundation had its beginnings for the second annual Rocky Mountain Tree Festival. In September 2013, a massive flood damaged Left Hand Creek Watershed, degrading the channel and adjacent overbank areas, and scouring away most of the riparian vegetation. This area became the focus of 2017’s restoration efforts . . .